Monday, October 19, 2009

Imps And Brats Not Needed In Climate Change Debate

Hoaxers who claimed to be officials of the US Chamber of Commerce had a few minutes of fun and fame when they called a fake news conference to announce that the Chamber had abandoned its opposition to the Climate Change bill.

Once you get to about 15 years old, pranking is best set aside. No one else is interested in your flaming bags of dog poop and Bart Simpson-inspired phone calls.

As with the Colorado balloon hoaxer, this childishness usually backfires and muddies up an already complicated world.

The climate buffoons had their laughs, but their idiocy isn't appreciated beyond their little insiders group.


Anon Jim said...

"Climate Buffoons"

Good to see James you are finally seeing the light.

Anonymous said...

Anyone taking a careful look at Will Allen's 990s is left with one thought: What does this guy do exactly? Besides generating consulting fees, lease payments for his equipment, and a job for his daughter that is.

Brutus said...

The Chamber of Commerce is as ideologically alligned as is Fox cable news. Buffoonism is now socially acceptable. Thanks Fox!

enoughalready said...

In the current political climate, I welcomed the prank. And at least one company has announced (today, I believe) it is withdrawing from the Chamber of Commerce due to the Chamber's ideological position denying global climate change. I am so tired of the spin, lies and nonsense from FOX and its Big Business and talk industry friends.