Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shorewood Book Coop Launch Nov. 7th

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard to get The Open Book ready for its Nov. 7th grand opening.


Anon Jim said...

When is a co-op, not a co-op you ask?

Well I guess that would be when it isn't.

Battle of the Bookstores

And a shout-out to The Open Book on landing that 35K "loan" from Shorewood.

Hope Shorewood doesn't plan on seeing that re-paid anytime soon.

James Rowen said...

To Anon Jim;

Love that positive attitude.

And Shorewood is only doing what all municipalities and states of all sizes and stripes do: subsidize businesses with investment that has been deemed in the community's interest.

Anon Jim said...

But James, I thought you Libby's derisively call any kind of subsidy to a private business "corporate welfare"?

krshorewood said...

May I point out that a loan is not a subsidy, and that one way or another (that way is by being successful) the loan has to be paid off.

Unlike many examples of corporate welfare it is not being used to create jobs overseas, but 15 new jobs here in the North Shore.