Saturday, October 10, 2009

Democrats Can Retain The Governorship

Democrats are still without strong consensus candidates and primary choices for Governor in 2010, even though they control the Governor's Office, both houses of the Legislature, and won the Presidential election here in 2008 by more than 200,000 votes.

And the state, despite deficits and a tough national economy, has the expertise, resources and tradition to deliver on an agenda that most people in the state prefer:

Comprehensive health care.

Clean air.

Pure water.

Effective education.

Job growth

Public safety.

This is not a complex agenda, but it has to be embraced, articulated and repeated from Superior to Stevens Point to Madison to Milwaukee.

Democrats apologetically must define the issues, promote and frame them for a campaign, remember their roots and deliver on a focused program and platform in an election that is still more than a year away..

They need to remember that Wisconsin is a blue state and commit to keeping it that way.


Brutus said...

"Out-sourcing" has effectivly left our State & country in shambles. Corporations unable to be responsable stewards have left for foriegn lands. It has been a policy of "GUT & RUN". We cannot compete while our own corporations are chasing after dime/dozen workers.

Anon Jim said...

Or the Dem's can just use the Doyle strategy.

Whore yourself out to the Native American casino interests, Teachers Union, Trial Lawyers, etc.

Then use the cash to slime your opponent and mis-represent who you are.

Worked for Diamond Jim twice.

Brutus said...

Last I heard it was Jack Abramof that was fleecing the indians. Playing both sides worked well for Bush also.

jpk said...

I agree that WI is a solid blue state, and Dems should be able to do well despite the inevitiable midterm losses.

Check out the enclosed graph that shows how the Dem party is growing in WI:

Of course, to be honest with you, it's way too early to tell how big the state's midterm losses will be in 2010. UWM's Dr Tom Holbrook explains here:

crackbaby said...

Anon Jim's name-calling sniveling reflects the state of the right-wing in Wisconsin in 2009. It wasn't Jim Doyle who slimed opponents, it was republican's like Michael Gableman who smeared opponents when he was lying about Louis Butler's judicial record.

I guess it would take too much time and effort to provide substantive evidence to support the type of attacks being leveled by Anon Jim. Otherwise, readers would be treated to a fun and interesting policy debate. Instead, its the same old boring and hollow name calling techniques.

Got any substance to back up your republican talking points?

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Dems won't win a thing if Lawton is the candidate.

Good bye Assembly and Senate when all the special interest money flows to legislative races because Lawton won't break 43%.

Anon Jim said...

Mikel Holt of the Milwaukee Community Journal made an interesting comment regarding the Governors race on Sykes' Sunday show.

Mr. Holt said that if Tom Barrett does not run, Scott Walker will win.

Am assessment I agree with since the Dem cupboard is empty of viable candidates sans Mayor Barrett.

Personally I hope he does not run - first off I do think Mr. Barrett is a decent and honest person and under the current circumstances, about as good a mayor as Milwaukee can expect to have.

Secondly, I would refer you back to Mr. Holt's comment.