Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why Waukesha, Milwaukee And Chicago Should Cooperate On Rail Expansion

Too much soot in the air. And it's really bad for you.

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Anon Jim said...

Wow - where does one start with this posting.

As is often the case with a MJS article and sometimes with your conclusions James, there are more questions than answers if one applies even a modicum of logic.

Why do the numb nutz at the WDNR get to decide that Racine & Kenosha counties (which are apparently below the limit but they don't give us the actual #'s) lumped in with Milwaukee?

Is that to make the situation in SE Wisconsin appear worse than it is?

And the fact that airborne pollution is drifting up to Milwaukee along the shore of Lake Michigan from Indiana and Chicago is nothing new - I think we have figured that one out for awhile now - so why isn't the problem addressed at the source, instead of making Milwaukee pay for their mess?

Trying to justify your Chicago-Milwaukee-Waukesha choo choos because of the pollution generated in Gary, IN may make sense to you, but it does not fly with me.

And exactly which Brown County is Lee Bergquist referring to, the one in Indiana, Illinois, or Wisconsin (ie Green Bay)?