Monday, October 19, 2009

Losers To Mark 2008 McCain-Palin Blowout With State Fair Sideshow Next Month

Almost a year to the day when the McCain-Palin ticket went down to defeat at the hands of a biracial, foreign-born socialist, Sarah Palin herself will rally the faithful at our own Wisconsin State Fair Park.

The date: Nov. 6th.

The cost is $30, and if Palin isn't enough of a draw, Charlie Sykes is the MC.

No word yet if free tea will be provided, if Joe the Plumber will show up or if Balloon Family will handle the flyover.

But you can hope.


Anonymous said...

this won't take place at the grandstand, it'll be at the carnival midway. by the way, there's already in the works a movie about balloon boy and his dad- "falcon and the 'snow'- man."

Anon Jim said...

So we are all just a bunch of "losers" are we James?

Again with the Birthers (you really must get over this obsession, you seem to be the only person in America who gives them any attention) and wth does the Ballon family have to do with this?

Guess I am more than a little disappointed with this posting, you are usually better than this.

Much better.

James Rowen said...

Ah, Anon Jim, but you did not disappoint me, with another of your ubiquitous comments.

Betsey said...

Anon Jim,

James is not more obsessed with 'birthers' than some members of Congress who have recently called on President Obama--sometimes from the floor of Congress, or in the form of legislation introduced--to 'produce' his birth certificate, when the document is and has been available. And don't forget other fringe elements who share your political persuasions who keep harping on this issue ad nauseum. James is merely pointing out that this refrain continues in the blogs and over the air waves, despite all evidence to the contrary. Talk about obsession!

I'm really not a fan of name-calling, but in this case--of Rowen calling you 'losers'--I have to agree with Rowen's use of the term as accurate. Literally, you and your party have lost something: an election, and lost it by a healthy margin. Yet many of your ilk continue to spread lies, racial innuendo, half-truths and spin that help the ill-informed and truth deniers to keep believing that President Obama is not the legitimately elected President of the United States.

It was only 8 years ago that we Liberals, Progressives and Democrats had to endure bumper stickers looking in design and color like "Gore - Lieberman" but reading "Sore Loserman" when, in fact, Al Gore had won the state of Florida and thus the Presidential election, but was denied the Florida recount by Activist Judges on the Supremist Court, and by disenfranchisement of large numbers of Florida and Texas voters.

Furthermore, you--Republicans, Conservatives and Tea-Baggers--are figurative 'losers' as well, because you've lost your way as a party, as leaders, as patriots, and way too often as human beings as well. Bitterness and strident rhetoric so define Conservatives today that your spokesfolk, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, are 'gleeful' when Chicago is not chosen as the site of the Olympics. You've lost credibilty and the confidence of many that were in, or have supported your own party. Most tragically, your collective, obsessive hate and anger have cost you your ability to be 'for' anything. (We're still waiting on that Republican healthcare reform plan . . . .)

So, yeah, you're a bunch of losers. I could almost feel sorry for you if I don't think about how you brought it all on yourselves.

enoughalready said...

I have to wonder how many people will be willing to pay to see and hear Ms. Palin in person. I will be very surprised if there is much of a turn out.

Brutus said...

Yo Betsy! Your observations are spot-on! The fringe right have captivated (to their credit) folks that are of mid-stanine thinking. These mis-fortunates are in-cappable of any empirical calculation. Poor things just can't think for themselves. Worse off, they have no idea of the ideology too which they have subscribed.

Anon Jim said...

Betsey - the irony of your posting speaks for itself.

Betsey said...

Anon Jim,

Methinks you don't understand irony.
And your comment is way too brief to convey any point you may have been trying to make.