Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UWM Commits To Suburbanization

Forging ahead with a separate engineering school on the County Grounds is a contradiction for an urban university with a school of urban planning, but that's the vision of the chancellor, so be it.

Some engineering professor can use his own students' construction-induceed congestion to study the effects of highway building on drive time, as there is eight years of Zoo Interchange work ahead for the new school's front door.


Anonymous said...

One painful aspect of the presentation by the consultants UWM has hired to help develop their "master plan" was their focus on the values of city, grid, and transit. All of these would be embraced in the vision of the master plan.

And the plans for the "Innovation Park" stands alongside these values. Perhaps it's blowing raspberries at them. Perhaps it's performing something more vulgar. But there it was, the great new "innovation" park that would magically draw a flock of unnamed "partners" to UWM and make it all worth it.

And naturally, Milwaukee County would play along, making new express bus routes between UWM's east side campus and the "innovation" "park" in Wauwatosa.

Feel like doing some open records requests to find out what sort of conversations have happened between the chancellor and the county executive? It could shed light on some of this.

Anonymous said...

Great point. I think it is an awful idea, more of a plan B thing for Santiago to beef up his resume and bolt.