Sunday, October 18, 2009

Online Discussion About Climate Change

Plenty of opinion, but little doubt.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no doubt... none... NONE.


Anon Jim said...

So let me see if I get this correct . . .

The Washington Post organizes a "Planet Panel" of people who all support the concept of man->CO2->Global Warming and are either directly or in-directly involved (ie benefit from) with the Global Warming/Environmental/Industrial complex and surprise surprise - they all say there can be no doubt about man->CO2->Global Warming.

Isn't that called a self-fulfilling prophesy James?

And btw - did you actually read what they had to say - somehow these auspicious eggheads do not know the difference between theory and fact.

CO2 levels have continued to rise the last decade yet temps have not and are not expected to for the next 30 to 40 years because of the SUN. Mayhaps the activity level of the sun is the single most important factor?

And even if there is an overall long term rise in temps - isn't that what has been going on since the end of the last ice-age?

As is often the case, sadly here we have a group of people here who do not realize what they do not know.

Joseph Thomas Klein said...

What are your anonymous respondents' alternatives? Are they claiming that humans burning through billions of years of a sequestered carbon in the form of oil, gas and coal has no effect whatsoever? Are the claiming that the spectral absorption spectrum of carbon dioxide does not prevent the radiation of infra-red light (AKA heat) into space? How about claiming that 95% of the geologist have it wrong when they interpret geological evidence regarding correlations between CO2 levels and temperature?

If any group is selective in who it wants to listen to, it is the the people in denial. Exxon and the Koch brothers purchase scientists every day to support their ideas. The real proof is in the fact that big oil and king coal can only buy a small minority of scientist. Some scientist have ethics; they hold the fate of the earth as more valuable than a big fat research grant.

Anon Jim said...

Joe - did not realize Geologists (ie scientists who study of the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth) are considered to be the final authority on Climatology.

Thought that was the purview of the Climatologists.

Anon Jim said...

One other thing - even if there is a correlation between CO2 levels and tempature - that does not equate to a cause & effect.

Higher CO2 levels might simply be the effect, a symptom if you will, of higher temps and in no way the cause.

crackbaby said...

Climate denier's silliness on climate change is on full display with Anon Jim's comments. He could win the Special Verbal Olympics with his expertise in conclusion jumping.

The same baseless grasping for anything to support their own beliefs is a hallmark of the fools on the right. I call it the Twizler effect - when someone has no facts to use directly to support their opinions, they have to twist it to the point where it looks like a licorice rope.

Remember, its not worth arguing with the deniers using real facts. Why? Because they don't care about facts. They'll do exactly what Anon Jim does on this site. It's like arguing over the bible or cartoons or whether one color is prettier than another. Irrelevant and wasteful of one's time.

Too bad the climate change deniers will benefit from controls on CO2 just like the rest of us. If we could isolate them from the benefits of sound environmental policies, they wouldn't be able to spew their moronic BS while getting a free ride on the work the rest of us are doing to slow the buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Someone once said "Do you believe what you see or do you see what you believe?"

Anon Jim said...

Could not have said it better CB - you Chicken Little's of Global Warming (oh wait - that right you had to change to "Climate Change" when it got just too embarrassing when the facts got in the way) see exactly what they want to see regardless of the facts. And sorry but no matter how much you spin it, theories ain't facts.

No wonder the Gore-acle will not and can not ever debate these issues. All those tricky facts get in the way of him counting his untold millions he is scamming off this idiocy.

And how exactly are you going to reduce CO2 levels even if you implement your economy-wrecking cap and tax scheme, when India and China are going to be exempted?