Thursday, October 1, 2009

Madison Mayor: Strong Cities Defeat Sprawl


In large measure, this is also what the emerging struggle over UWM's leap-frogging to the County Grounds' open space is all about.

Cities succeed with investment that maximizes their built environment, existing amenities, diversity of people, buildings, destinations - - and that will mean a focused effort and plan endorsed and implemented by the public and private sectors for a land-locked city like Milwaukee.


Anonymous said...

This blog is depressing.

Forward Our Motto said...

Funny how the Madison Mayor doesn't mention his bus fare hike or the apparent inability to keep the South Transfer Point safe.

He still talks a good game on his city=sponsored blog though...

Anon Jim said...

So what exactly is good about Boulder restricting growth to the point that many people can't afford to live there.

Resulting in them having to live "far outside" of Boulder - that does not exactly sound carbon footprint friendly.

Anonymous said...

Late but before you here's what you should know about the Madison Mayor:

Madison Metro ridership takes a hit