Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Airline Fees Will Send Passengers To Southwest

I had to fly a couple of weeks ago, and because I knew I was going to return with more stuff than what I was leaving with, I flew Southwest because you can check two bags for free.

Compared to what other airlines were charging, I figure that saved $200, and the ticket was pretty cheap, too.

Now comes word that airlines are tacking on more fees. I was going to crack wise and say that soon there will be fees to pay fees, but airlines are beginning to charge $5 per checked bag on top of the checked bag fee if you don't pay the fee in advance on line.

Southwest doesn't fly everywhere I need to go, but when it does, the baggage-fee-free airline is looking pretty good these days.


Anon Jim said...

James - I realize the total irony of your posting will be lost on you, but this shows how competition and a quasi free enterprise market is a good thing.

And conversely why having one monopolistic (or arguably at best an oligopolistic) government is a bad thing where they are piling on fees/taxes upon fees/taxes on us taxpayers.

Somehow a Statist like you never has an issue with that. You just get upset on how the money is or isn't being spent, not how much is being taken.

Unfortunately we don't have the choice of a "Southwest" when it comes to government.

Brutus said...

We will soon Anon Jim! It will be called the Public Option!