Tuesday, October 13, 2009

City, State Should Invest In Grassroots Census Support

I was involved in the City of Milwaukee's 2000 effort to boost census awareness, and I know that the efforts paid off with a full, and more accurate count.

I learned the same had been true for Milwaukee during earlier census counts.

Which means a greater share of federal and state dollars was fairly won by Milwaukee and Wisconsin from programs whose budgets are apportioned by population.

Large cities have historic counting problems because many immigrants - - legal and illegal: all count, and are counted without recrimination, because governments provide services to all residents, regardless of immigration status - - do not want to give a census taker any information.
And there are language barriers that make the counting inaccurate.

There are fewer dollars around this year to help pay for a census support project, but Milwaukee and the state would be well-advised to add scarce funds to their census support programs

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