Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lakefront Restaurant Plan Moving Forward

A committee of the city's Harbor Commission takes up Michael Cudahy's plan to reopen a restaurant on the former Pieces of Eight lakefront site next door to Cudahy's Pier Wisconsin facility, reports Tom Daykin.

Cudahy controls the site, which he planned to donate to UWM for its projected School of Freshwater Science, but UWM felt Cudajy wanted too much control over the site development and is looking for an alternative.

Tuesday update: the committee gave its approval.

When I worked in City Hall, the conventional wisdom about the Pieces of Eight was that it was improperly located on filled lake bed - - either formalky grandfathered or somehow historically overlooked - - and that might have been an urban legend - - so maybe the Harbor Commission will sort that out as it considers Cudahy's plan to reopen a restaurant on the same land.

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Anon Jim said...

UWM deciding it would not dance to bully-boy Michael Cudahy's tune was a first.

They showed some backbone that Milwaukee and the other aspects of the public sector have never shown.

Who knows, maybe the Harbor Commission will follow UWM's lead.