Friday, October 9, 2009

Scott Walker Is Already Campaigning Against Tom Barrett

Charlie Sykes tossed a good portion of his AM620 WTMJ radio talk show this morning to Scott Walker, live, so the County Executive/full-time GOP gubernatorial candidate could promote his candidacy.

Nothing new about that: Milwaukee talk radio is perpetually the megaphone of the GOP, with gifts of air time that would cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars during campaign cycles if it were bought for only slightly more overt political purposes.

Most fascinating bit this morning came when Walker and Sykes were lauding Walker's spending control in the county exec's proposed 2010 budget, yet when Sykes asked Walker what he thought of Mayor Tom Barrett's relatively modest cuts in police and fire service spending - - four days of furloughs for the coppers, and one less firefighter on certain rigs - - Walker slammed the cuts.

So if you are Walker, your spending controls are gratuitously praised as the foundation of what a Walker state budget would look like.

But if Barrett tries to spread spending cuts across-the-board in the city budget, that's a sin.

Walker and Sykes must fear a Barrett candidacy if they feel obliged to turn their beliefs upside down in order to criticize the Mayor.


Cory Liebmann said...

walker's spending control? wow is that what sykes and co. are calling it? his budget increases spending by 6% and he front loads three years of borrowing into one (the year that he is running for gov)...that is what they call spending control?

J said...

How can Walker criticize Barrett for fire department cuts and endangering public safety when Walker’s budget eliminates and outsources the entire county fire department at the airport? Don’t you feel safer already air travelers?