Friday, October 30, 2009

Idle Appliances Drain Power, Money

I ran across some interesting data from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory the other day describing how much energy we/I waste when appliances are not in use, but remain plugged in with those little red or green "on" lights illuminated.

I've seen these charts before, but this time I saved it.

Some examples:

Mobile charger: 0.26 watts.

Coffee maker: 1.14 w.

Computer printer: 1.26 w.

Microwave oven: 3.08 w.

Cable modem: 3.85 w.

Fax machine: 5.31 w.

Subwoofer: 10.7 w.

Laptop computer: 15.77 w.

Cable box with DVR: 43.36 w.

Now multiply all these devices by the millions and billions owned here and abroad and you get a sense of how much electricity and generating power we waste everyday.

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Jim Bouman said...

Need more info.

Is That a per hour, per day, or something else?