Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Putting WisDOT And Milwaukee County In Charge Of Some Downtown Development Is Like...

Write your own punchline.

I'd start with "Putting Dr. Kevorkian in charge of wellness planning."


capper said...

...is like putting Scott Walker in charge of labor relations.

Anon Jim said...

. . . giving control of our Health Care and one sixth of our economy over to the government.

Doesn't get more stupid than that.

Anon Jim said...

. . . appointing a blatant & unrepentant tax cheat like Timmy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury - who's duties include overseeing the IRS. And a partisan Senate blindly confirming him.

. . . having a corrupt politician like Charlie Rangel still in place as Chairman of the House Ways & means Committee - who is under an investigation that will never come to an end as long as he is a reliable vote for Madame Pelosi.

. . . having a President of the US who considers his biggest enemy (in truly Nixonian fashion) the part of the media that does not believe he walks on water nor continually cover his backside.

Anonymous said...

like making charles sykes superintendant of mps

Anon Jim said...

. . . Chris Dodd and Barney Frank being involved is solving the subprime mortgage loan / Freddie Mac / Fannie Mae fiasco. Although I guess they would be very knowledgeable about the situation seeing as they were 2 of the primary people involved in creating it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

To Anon Jim: I've been reading many of your comments lately. You seem to have a good grasp on Fox Reality. That's no fault of yours. I agree with many of your thoughts. But please be fair and balanced to point out mistakes in your own political party. Then, honestly, I would have more respect for your opinions. This comment is not to be taken as a criticism, but more about understanding how you want to contribute to meaningful dialogue. I have a feeling you want the best for me because you have lived a full life in the U.S. and probably in WI. So why not talk about all the things this country has enabled for you? Otherwise, it seems you just isolate yourself with talking about some dark future ahead for me and my children. No matter who is president here, we all have to learn to fight together for the little (wo)man.

Anon Jim said...

Just to clear the air here - while it is obvious I am a conservative on many issues - and it might surprise you, very libertarian on others - the last thing I have is a political party I do now or have ever belonged to.

So please do not paint me as a Republican.

Yes I have had a good life growing up and living in WI, one I have worked very hard for including earning college degrees to the MBA level.

If I am cynical and dark about the future is because I had the stupidity to work in the public sector and be responsible with my investing/saving/etc, my opinion is that no good deed is going to go unpunished in the future as that is all going to be eaten away by inflation due to the insane governmental spending by the 2 oligarchical political parties running this country.

Anon Jim said...

Correction - I meant to say private sector, not public, in regards to where I have worked.

Anonymous said...

To Anon Jim: I just came back to this comments section to see if you responded. You seem like a good guy. Now, the way you expressed yourself at the end of these comments makes more sense to how you think.

But what I am interested in is why you seem to think we should be living in a status quo world? Like I said, and you confirmed, you have lived a good life in WI. You grew up through a different worldview than us 30-somethings have today. Why can't I and my kids eventually experience something that is new and different? Why can't we try to fix what's broken in this system?

I truly think all politicians that have taken advantage of the system; whether it is Dodd from CT or Vitter from LA, it is time for them to go and move on. I like to think we are entering a world of progressive republicans, progressive independents, etc. The future solutions no longer require conventional thinking. Even if so-called republicans or libertarians rule again, my point is they should grow up and "progress" with the times. That's all. Everyone should be held accountable. And if you experience things changing around you, then you have to give it time to see if it works. That's what we did with the Clean Water and Air Acts, Reganism, etc. We gave them time. That's why our political system allows for amendments and/or tighter or looser regulations. Like so many other people, I waited patiently for 8 years to vote for a good candidate. You're time will come again. Just be more patient!

Anon Jim said...

To 30-something Anonymous:

You are under the gross misconception that I am for the status quo.

You could not be more wrong as there are progressive (from my viewpoint at least) changes I would like to see made in regards to many many governmental and public policy issues. Some you might even agree with. But unfortunately (for me) most of the changes I would make are not even being discussed.

For example, with Health Care alone there are 4 substantive areas that we could enact reform that would make a significant improvement in the system, and naturally those are no where to be seen in the proposed reform/takeover being proposed. Technically they are claiming they will address one, the systemic fraud & abuse in current governmental health care (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) which they are using as a carrot saying they are going to solve this issue and which will help pay for their reforms. But that begs question if they know there is all this current fraud – wtf aren’t they already going after it and what makes us believe it won’t just be worse under an expanded government health care system?

As far as being able to vote for a “good” candidate, am very happy for you that you had that chance in 2008. Having been eligible to vote for 32+ years now, am still waiting for an election where it hasn’t been a choice between the lesser of two evils. As far as having my day politically – that situation has yet to exist.

Btw for many years I described myself as being very cynical about government, that “progressed” to total contempt a couple of years ago.