Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How Will Scott Walker Deal With MPS/Mayoral Control Bill?

Now that Gov. Jim Doyle is moving towards legislation to shift control of Milwaukee's schools to Milwaukee's Mayor, it'll be interesting to see how Scott Walker, the state's consummate spin artiste, will dance himself into a coherent position.

He can't back Doyle, because Doyle is a Democrat and Milwaukee Mayor, another Democrat, is a potential Walker rival to succeed Doyle in 2010.

But he can't oppose the measure without endorsing the status quo, which despite the heroic efforts of Milwaukee teachers (unionized!) and other employees is not turning out the next generation of skilled graduates needed by state businesses and colleges.

I look for some buzzwords, but no real solutions.


Anon Jim said...

Even more interesting will be if Mayor Barrett decides to run for Gov., thus dumping MPS on his successor.

James - who is at fault for the sorry state of MPS?

And no buzzwords please.

Anon Jim said...

James - your post lacks imagination, which isn't all that surprising since you haven't even been able to identify the source of the problems with MPS.

You see only 2 options open to Walker, either back Doyle's proposal or support the status quo.

What about option #3 - come up with his own solution?

James Wigderson said...

There is at least one alternative plan out there: split the district into smaller districts.