Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prominent "Birther" Hit With $20,000 Fine

The belief (sic) on the Right fringe that President Barack Obama is not an American just cost one leading "Birther" $20,000.

Thanks to the commenter "Paul."


Anon Jim said...

Couple of questions James.

Which group do you think is and/or was larger, the 911'ers or the Birthers?

And am curious to whether or not you have ever commented on the 911'ers - one way or the other?

James Rowen said...

To Anon Jim;

Just so you know, I accepted an on-air challenge from Charlie Sykes to his liberal listeners, called in, and criticized strongly Ward Churchhill and Whitewater for having invited him to speak.

I think the 9-ll conspiratorialists are goofs.

But even if I did not have those views, the Birthers deserve condemnation.

Brutus said...

The event of 9/11 advaced the neo-conservative ideology at warp speed. Serondipity at its best.

Anon Jim said...

First off as I have posted before – am in full agreement with your condemnation of the idiotic & kooky Birthers.

Not sure about you repeatedly bringing them up – but that is your prerogative obviously.

Also am in agreement with your views on Ward Churchill, but it is important to note that just as Churchill is not of Native American descent as he is always claiming, neither is Wardo a 911 conspiracy theorist.

Churchill is rather one who justifies the actions of the Islamic terrorists who flew the airliners into the World Trade Center as a legitimate response to US Foreign policy, including killing all the “little Eichmann’s” as he called the victims of the 911 attacks.