Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coup Talk: Rightist Extrapolation About Obama's Outsider Status

Dangerous ideas (Salon. com might make you read through an ad) but a not-entirely-surprising conclusion by a deranged mind if talk radio and hate cable TV is turned up too loud.


Anon Jim said...

Trust me on this one - if Congress "rahms" thru Obamacare using reconciliation, it ain't gonna be pretty.

Not at all.

Am not advocating violence, revolution, or anything of the sort - just giving my opinion of what the consequences would be.

James Rowen said...

We have elections.

Anon Jim said...

Yes we do have elections - and you Dem's whine & moan anytime you lose one.

Especially one's you thought you could steal.

James Rowen said...

Tell that to the birthers.

Anon Jim said...

How about we ignore the kook fringe, I know I do.

I won't bring up the 911'ers, and you drop the Birthers like the overwhelming majority of conservatives have. There not one of note regurgitating the Birther nonsense, while you have Rosie O'Donnel and Charlie Sheen doing it for the 911 crowd.

Unless of course you are a 911er James, ummm are you btw?