Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Name-Calling On Talk Radio Continues Unabated

A few days ago I said on this blog that taking shots at the union at Mercury Marine from the outside was of little value.

I forgot that's right-wing talk radio's bread-and-butter.

Today, within a few minutes, I heard Mark Belling on 1130 WISN-AM refer to union leaders or anti-contract members as "greaseball goobers...thugs...goons...stiffs."

So it goes on Milwaukee talk radio.


Matt said...

Or are you just upset you don't have an audience as wide as Belling's to broadcast your nonsense to?

He draws in listeners, and as long as he keeps doing that (with his hyperbole, which has merit at times), you will keep listening. Admit it.

Other Side said...

Or are you just upset you don't have an audience as wide as Belling's to broadcast your nonsense to?

That's a nonsensical thing to write. When has hyperbole ever had merit, by the way?

Anon Jim said...

Hey James, why no comment in your blog about Belling's subsequent segment on Dawn Marie Sass.

In light of the election landslide of 2006 everyone knew was going to happen, why oh why couldn't you Dems have at least had a semi-competent candidate for State Treasurer?

Instead of the embarrassing train wreck Dawn Marie Sass has turned out to be.

It's not like we didn't see this choo choo coming when we woke up with the post-election hangover in '06 and saw who State Treasurer was going to be.

Btw - the hotel that Sass stayed at in California is the same one AIG was eviscerated in the media for going to.

Anon Jim said...

Btw Other Side.

You obviously do not know what the meaning of the word hyperbole is, it is the use of exaggeration when making a point.

Using hyperbole does not enhance or negate the underlying merit of that point.

So your comment is in fact . . . nonsensical.

James Rowen said...

To Anon Jim;

Belling on Sass: didn't hear it/

Other Side said...

Hey Anon Jim:

I'm perfectly aware of the meaning of the word hyperbole. No merit is ever gained when it's used by Belling.

Matt said...


Hyperbole gets people from any political background listening to his show, which means more ad dollars, which pisses you off more, so you keep listening. I have disagreements with Belling, but I can guarantee you people listen to see what he will say next.