Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rep. Pedro Colon Pushing WATER Institute Site For New UWM Science School

State Rep. Pedro Colon, (D-Milwaukee), is promoting the existing WATER Institute site on E. Greenfield Ave. as the best location for UWM's new School of Freshwater Science, reports the Daily Reporter.

That's been the theme on this blog for weeks now.

Sample here.

Also in a recent Journal Sentinel Crossroads op-ed, too.

In that industrialist and philanthropist Mike Cudahy says he will not help finance UWM's proposed new Engineering and Research Center on the County Grounds in Wauwatosa - - an announcement made almost simultaneously with the evaporation of Cudahy's plan to help UWM build the Freshwater School on the lakefront next to his Pier Wisconsin facility - - it's time that UWM consolidates its two planned new schools - - Engineering and Freshwater Science - - near the WATER Institute.

Which is within walking distance of Rockwell International, formerly the Allen-Bradley Co. - - the iconic high-tech private sector firm on the near south side - - as well as Bradley Tech High School and a host of other manufacturing firms, engineering and architectural firms.

Then you've got a powerhouse public/private education/research/development complex in the City, close to the downtown, retail, housing, transit, rail connections, and the airport, too.

New, modern, strategically placed and linked engineering and freshwater science schools can help clarify, redefine and advance the Milwaukee and UWM's collective standing across the Great Lakes.

It's time for vision and leadership:

UWM, the City, the M7 and the neighborhoods should go for it.

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