Sunday, September 27, 2009

7th OWI, Eluding Charges Bring Mild Prison Sentence

Three years for a heckuva lot of dangerous behavior.

After all, even under Wisconsin's mild sentencing laws, a fifth OWI is a felony, so that offender is repeat felon, too.

What was the sentence for felony offense #1, or #2?

Wisconsin judges are still reluctant to hand out stiff sentence to repeat OWI offenders - - even repeat felons - - who are behaving recklessly on the roads where everyone is driving, bicycling, even walking.


Michael J. Cheaney said...

And yet we still have a certain State leggie who is awaiting trial for his 3rd, and was arrested for his 4th this week, helping to shape the debate of repeat Drunk Driving.

IRONIC isn't it?

James Rowen said...

Yes. And worse.

Anonymous said...

It costs something like $50000/yr per inmate. It's a huge burden on already full jails, which contain rapists and murderers. Instead of jail, they should establish heavy financial penalties paid every year for ten years and throw those who dont earn any money in the can.