Thursday, September 17, 2009

Public Option Foes Should Opt Out Of Medicare, Insurance Coverages

Foes of the public option and evil guvmint participation in health care should be opted out of Medicare, or their Cadillac publicly-funded health insurance, such as that enjoyed by state and federal legislators.

Might bring down the cost for the rest of us.


James Rowen said...

Hey Anon Jim;

Something happened with your comment. Of course, I disagreed with it, but wanted to post it, so pls. resend.


Anon Jim said...

Thx James for letting me know, my comment went something like this:

So you think people who disagree with the Obamacare proposals should be kicked out of the Medicare system - which they have been forced to pay into for up to 34 years, is that what you are really saying?

As far as the multitude of private health insurance options available to elected officials (and yes also to many public sector employees), that is a whole other kettle of fish.

Matt said...

Then I'll take a refund of the 15.6% of my payroll I funded into this and the ponzi scheme known as social security I have paid into over my career. Or I'll take the health premiums paid by my employer now and in the past in cash.

James Rowen said...

Anon Jim; I just think people shouldn't bite the Socialistic hand that wants to feed them.

Looking for consistency...

Anon Jim said...

Realize this may be hard for you to understand coming from your statist viewpoint, but these people on Medicare who are against Obamacare are justified in their opposition for 2 reasons (among many others).

(1) They have paid for their Medicare coverage, this is not some government handout.

(2) Obamacare will cut their Medicare benefits.

The one who's hand is being bitten are the people you want to kick out of Medicare, not the government who has been fed their money for the last 34 years.