Thursday, September 24, 2009

County Workers Become Pawns In Walker's Game

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker wants all county workers to take a pay cut and make an even higher percentage contribution to their pensions.

OK: that'll all have to be bargained, and without it, other service cuts or tax increases would be the alternatives but Walker's real goal is use this pose on budgeting as campaign material for his run for the GOP nomination for Governor in 2010.

This posturing is so blatant: maybe Walker should be required to report the results of the bargaining as an in-kind campaign contribution, and all workers report their drop in income as a Walker donation - - because this is 100% political and campaign-related.


Anon Jim said...

You might have a chance at getting us to join you in crying crocodile tears for the poor abused county workers . . .

Except for the fact that they are over-paid and under-worked along with their Cadillac benefit/pension package.

Unlike Scott Walker, sadly the majority of the County Board is under the mistaken belief that they are there to represent the County Workers and not the County Taxpayers. Especially that dim bulb Lynne De Bruin.

Can you say Fish Farm anyone?

capper said...

Apparently Anon Jim is one of those that gets his news solely from talk radio and Fox News.

Besides Walker giving the workers the royal screw over, he is cutting services for the elderly, the poor and the mentally ill.

JP said...

Maybe not all county workers are underworked, but the permanent full time parks workers are the laziest people I've seen. They basically can sit all day, smoke grass, listen to the radio, while the low wage seasonal people do all the work. Most of these people do no work but spend time doing two things: riding around in carts trying not to be seen and/or complaining about Walker. They deserve to be eliminated and take advantage of being a union worker. Walker is right.