Monday, September 7, 2009

Milwaukee Public Market Update: Outstanding Mexican Food Addition

You gotta love the Milwaukee Public Market as it continues to redefine itself; there was a mob there Saturday as management and vendors keep improving the mix of hours and offerings.

Case in point: the new Margarita Paradise sit-down/carryout counter and produce market at the building's first-floor south end facing Water St.

Delicious, fresh food; friendly staff, fair prices.

Checked it out twice in a week, and I think it's the real deal.

I haven't been to the original Margarita Paradise on W. National Ave., in West Allis, but I will the next time I am that far west and want a meal or carryout.

The Public Market took a long time to complete, as it was a complicated public/private/neighborhood partnership, and matching sales and services to customer preferences has also been a work in progress.

The whole thing was an experiment.

I think things there are stabilizing, which is good news for the Third Ward and a downtown that is always looking for cool destinations.

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