Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michael Savage Paranoid Musings

AM 620 WTMJ radio - - the most influential 50,000 watt station in Wisconsin, and a Journal Communications property - - turns its late night airwaves over to the far-right talker Michael Savage and his show, "Savage Nation."

You wonder why some of the anti-Obama protesters sound so goofy these days?

Savage speaks directly to the fringes. In fact, Savage, known for his anti-immigrant rants, and allegations that President Barack Obama's health care reforms would cover illegal immigrants - - flatly denied by Obama in his speech to the Joint Session of Congress last week - - was clearly being channeled by South Carolina Republican Joe "You Lie" Wilson's during his imfamous interruption.

It was as if Wilson opened his mouth and Savage spoke.

But Savage outdid himself late NaziThursdsay/early Friday (I wasn't watching the clock) when he twisted some remarks by House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA), into a nutty, Nazi reference.

She is from San Francisco, from which Savage broadcasts, and is one of his favorite targets.

Pelosi had worried aloud that harsh rhetoric nationally in recent weeks could lead to violence - - an understandable remark, given the state of the country, a growing, hysterical Obama backlash, the appearance of guns at some Congressional town halls and Presidential events, and so on..

Savage said Pelosi's remarks to him meant that Democrats were planning a Reichstag fire episode, in which leftist agent provocateurs would stage an act of violence and blame it on the right.

Probably leaving some tea bags and Birther leaflets at the scene, Savage opined.

To which callers responded with, yeah, you're right Michael, etc.

Well, a day later - - early Saturday morning, and Savage is still at it.

Obama is a liar. Pelosi - - "this woman" - - is the worst Speaker ever, NBC and MSNBC are Communist networks.

On an on. Hour after hour. Day after day.

This is what's out there on national talk shows that pull in large numbers of listeners - - and in the state's largest market, aired courtesy of Journal Communications.


Matt said...

All of the violence has been coming from your side of the spectrum lately Jim.

On a side note, why haven't we seen any of your hard-hitting exposes of ACORN lately Jim?

Ron said...

Matt, Jim hasn't commented on ACORN because he hasn't had a chance to visit and review one of the brothels that they were helping to set up. Jim has been busy analyzing his apple cranberry drink and considering a switch to Coke for nutritional reasons.

James Rowen said...

Ron: Stream of consciousness is not necesarily worth reading.