Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cuprisin Scoops Media On Cianciola's Firing At WTMJ-AM

Tim Cuprisin, late of the Journal Sentinel and now at OnMilwaukee.com, told his readers last Friday that long-time AM 620 WTMJ radio personality Phil Cianciola was fired.

Since Tim is not at the newspaper or on jsonline.com anymore, having taken the last buyout, fewer people probably know about this big story in Milwaukee media.

Cianciola gave WTMJ's afternoon drive-time program "The Green House" most of its pulse and laughs, as its namesake, Jonathan Green, is a relatively humorless and crusty conservative.

[Late Tuesday update validated that assessment: In about an hour this afternoon, I managed to hear Green opine that problems with the cash-for-clunker program was proof that the government should never be allowed to run anything, except the military, and in response to a news story about a high school kid being baptized without his parents' permission during a football team outing, Green wondered aloud whether the kid's name was Mohammed? Turns out it was Danny.]

Green regularly undermined the more upbeat and informed chit-chat between Cianciola and sports guy Bill Michaels: the show absolutely sang when Green was on vacation and now-departed Mark Reardon (currently in St. Louis) filled in.

So it's a loss for WTMJ listeners, and proof that if you want to know what's happening in Milwaukee media, Cuprisin continues to be a must-read.


Anonymous said...

I saw a group of broadcasters protesting against tmj4 over layoffs and job cuts while the CEO got a thick raise and the company lost millions.

Anon Jim said...

Back when I first moved to the Milwaukee area I initially listened to the Green House.

Whether or not Green is a conservative since the show is not very political, but do know Green is a boring idiot. Extremely "humorless and crusty" in an Andy Rooney vein.

The show was very good when Reardon filled in, which highlighted just how bad Green is. Stopped tuning into the show years ago as it quickly became un-listenable.

The real irony here is that if Tim was still at the MJS - he either would not, or would not have been allowed to, write about this for a couple of weeks if at all - it being a firing in the family after all.

James Rowen said...

To Anon Jim: You are flatout wrong about Tim being prevented from writing about Journal Communications employee issues. Happened all the time.

Anon Jim said...

BTW - while this is a big story within the confines of the Milwaukee media, not so sure about the public at large since I am sure the Green House didn't have much of an audience.

Heck even you James listen to Belling instead.

And if the brain trust at WTMJ expects Jonathon to carry that show for 3 hours - there won't be any in short order.

Anonymous said...

this is like the last episode of "mary tyler moore," when everyone was fired except ted baxter.

Anonymous said...

wow! no news. no announcement.
the lifeblood of the greenhouse is good.

listened to green for 30 yrs and i'm 51, but jon, sorry to say u'r getting old. cianciola is hilarious. and ur only 3 yrs or so from retirement. that's about as positive as i can make it. i'll miss cianciola, and am sure he'll land on his feet with a better, and more lucrative job; he's that good. and i'll respond as i can, by turning the radio dial and looking elsewhere.
our loss. good luck, phil.

bad move wtmj.
this week has been a cluster, so far. the chick is trying but she's no cianciola.
so, we probably won't see her picture either, just like no andi miller after 9 months.
green and michaels are no eye candy, let me tell u.

Anonymous said...

I thought Phil was on a vacation till I did some digging this past weekend. I can't believe that they let him go for all the good he brought to the program. I will miss him. I agree with the previous writer in that Mark Reardon also help change the afternoon program when Green was gone. I will listen in the morning but not the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I had to call WTMJ this week and ask what the heck happened to Phil (getting tired of Jody and Green). I was told they "parted ways".

I only listened to the show because of Phil. I'm hoping he ends up somewhere else in Milwaukee so I have something to listen to on the drive home now.

Anonymous said...

I looked forward to the Green show every afternoon mainly because of Phil he always had me laughing it made driving in traffic so much easier. Without Phil the show is nothing he made that show how could TMJ possibly do something so idiotic and fire Phil and the new chick is just as boring as Green. I think the show is heading for a big ending. Good luck to Phil wherever you are hope to see you again some day.

Anonymous said...

I must be the last one in MKE to have figured this one out. I just thought Phil was on a long vacation. What a loss - I'll miss Pack Yak, the interplay between Phl and Mike Jacobs and all the others. What a loss. I wish Phil only the best and can't wait to hear him somewhere else. I still miss Mark Reardon was here too - it used to be like having the principal gone and the substitute teacher was having fun when it was Reardon, Cianciola and Len Caspar before he left. The show is pretty boring now.

Judy said...

Judy said
I too must be one of the last to know. I was out of the country on vacation and like so many others I thought Phil was on vacation and that our vacations had crossed.

But the big question I had was how both Jon and Phil were on vacation together. Phil always was the key player on that team and Jon would ramble on and on until Phil moved on to keep it moving. It is interesting to read all of the comments from others who paralleled my thoughts on the show having been gone without a computer as a lifeline while gone.

Phil absolutely will rise to the top as the best always do. WTMJ has made many mistakes over the past few years and continue to eliminate those who are left trying to hold it together.

There are other radio stations to listen to at those hours because without Phil moving the show forward Jon will still be rambling when the show time ends.

Unknown said...

The best Green house shows are the Greenless ones ~ very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

What was WTMJ thinking when they let Phil go?...Wait, I get it now...

It's too bad that the afternoon show will now tank! Oh well, so much for Mindless,BAD DECISIONS.

Anonymous said...

This is so typical of "the Journal's radio station" over the years. What don't those people manage to ruin for themselves.
I enjoyed some of the humor that Phil brought to the afternoon drive, when everyone else spent their airtime talking politics. I guess it's time I grow up for good, start doing my own taxes, and switch the dial over to WISN for Blling on the drive home.
I've tried for a week now, and I just can't stomach goofball Jonathan Green on his own (or with the equally boring new chick).
Have fun losing listeners and sponsors WTMJ... AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

We have Phil! WHBY AM1150 Appleton, WI and you're right--he's doing a great job! Welcome!