Thursday, September 24, 2009

MMSD Partnering In Central Park Creation

I had earlier put up some information about the Central Park and arboretum finally taking shape on the east side along the Milwaukee River.

Here's another example of the multi-layered partnership that is making it happen: the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District will hire a contractor to demolish and remove that old Wheelhouse restaurant and bar now empty at the river and Humboldt.

The River Revitalization Foundation is play a lead role, too, and other non-profits have been involved for a long time getting support for the entire concept.

Everyone's efforts will turn that site where the old restaurant now lies abandoned into a park as part of MMSD's watershed-based greenseams program.

So when the city finishes its bridge work in the area, you'll be able to enjoy a new urban park, and then Cajun food at Bayou - - all as part of Central Park.

A land-locked city like Milwaukee has to continually upgrade what it's got, and in this case, making the best use of property at water's edges is really smart policy-making.


citykid said...

This is great news. The work on the Humboldt Bridge has dragged on for a long time but I'm happy to hear that the neighborhood will gain a park as a result. Any more info on design?

Dave Reid said...

I think the park is fine, but these efforts have also included viewshed, and setback requirements that are detrimental to Milwaukee. The impact is limiting future development (tax base), and density.