Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monument Building, Education And Urban Agendas Do Not Mix

Years ago, when I was working for Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, the vo-tech board in that area decided to close most of its downtown campus and build a brand-spanking new complex out by the airport.

I remember the artist's renditions: nice buildings on a campus-like setting, leafy trees - - an effort to create something bucolic for the students.

There was a battle royal, because in the downtown there was housing, and transit service, and student amenities, but at the airport site, long commutes and little else.

The monument builders won.

It reminds me of the current struggle over UWM's plan to build a graduate engineering school and research center at the County grounds.

Why inconvenience students and faculty, force them into cross-town commutes and disconnect that school from the rest of the city's vitality?

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Wayne Clingman said...

And if you go to MATC now you find lots of housing for the kids in the area bus routes to the rest of the city should one wish to go.
In fact MATC helped that part of the city build a tax base.