Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Federal Certification Review For SEWRPC: The Year Of Living Slothfully

Nearly been a year since federal officials came to Milwaukee and ran a semi-open house, semi-hearing (the hearing part with a microphone and an audience for comments was forced upon the process by attendees) to produce the recertification review that the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission needs to keep approving major transportation projects.

The review report was promised for March, then May, then it was, 'we'll let you know,' followed by non-responses to calls and emails.

So much for public input: a year's delay makes the process meaningless, which I presume was the feds' intentions.

No complaint from SEWRPC, either.


Jim Bouman said...

Member of Congress, Gwen Moore, has been asked to get an explanation and a firm date for the release of this important regulatory agency report.

I'll be checking in with her staff daily until we get an answer.

Jim Bouman said...

Senator Herb Kohl's office has been asked for an explanation and a firm release date for this report.

He's "nobody's Senator but mine," though, I suppose the guys at SEWRPC could call him up and prevail upon him to leave this sleeping mutt un-kicked* ...because he's nobody's Senator but theirs.

*Loosen up, dog lovers. Just speaking metaphorically.

Anon Jim said...

Here is my solution to all your angst over Sewer-Pac - why don't they just save us the $7 million a year and dis-solve this yet another gleeming example of waste of our tax dollars?

Is that so hard?