Sunday, September 13, 2009

OWI Town Hall Fine, But Action Will Speak Louder Than Words

Several Milwaukee-area legislators are holding a town hall meeting Monday on OWI reform options.

I regret that I cannot attend; my input would be, and has been on this blog, that real reforms to stem Wisconsin's OWI road carnage are long overdue.

And that nibbling around the edges with minor tweaks do not bring Wisconsin into line with the other 49 states that treat all first offenses and misdemeanors.

Legislators have to stop enabling bad behavior on the roads.

It is time for leadership, and while meetings are nice, and may give some legislators the cover, if you will, to support new legislation, we all know the problem on the roads is influenced by a drinking culture that gets too much tolerance.

Treatment, yes.

Enforcement, yes.

First offenses should be criminalized.

All offenders get mandatory ignition devices.

Second offenses should be felonies.

No more messing around/

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