Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Support Of Housing, UN Declares October 5th World Habitat Day

Think globally, act locally.

Because of this fundamental truism, I'm posting information and guides to action through a link here in support of the United Nations Declaration of October 5th as World Habitat Day.

This is certainly relevant in southeastern Wisconsin, where everyday might as well be Habitat Action Day.

This is because fair and affordable housing for thousands of residents is and has been effectively limited, even denied, through a combination of a) the 1955 state law barring annexation that applies only to the City of Milwaukee, b) aggressive local zoning codes that ban multi-unit housing and c) regional enabling of suburban sprawl that has encouraged development far from the urban center in Milwaukee.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, yielding to pressure from community organizations and its new justice task force, has finally begun rewriting the last regional housing plan it adopted for the seven counties it represents - - a 1975 effort - - after decades of sprawl, distorted housing starts and spin-off business expansion that has carried growth and opportunity far from Milwaukee to the more suburban, exurban and rural Washington, Waukesha and Walworth Counties.

Little wonder that the region is among the most intensely segregated in the country.

Further so defined by a lack of transit to connect workers and residents with job openings, but makes those alternatives and opportunities more available on 127 miles of ever-expanding freeways to workers and families with cars.

The UN is reminding everyone that housing is a basic need and right, so check in with the website I linked for more information.

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