Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are Stonewalls In The Federal Transportation Planning Handbook?

We're approaching the 11th month since Federal Highway Administration officials came to Milwaukee and held a listening session/hearing to gather input for the agency's every-fourth-year recertification review of the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.

And still, no report on the process released by the federal agency - - surely some kind of record for slow-going by the feds - - and a delaying action that renders useless the feedback offered by the many people who attended and gave feedback, most of which was negative.

As I have said on this blog several times, my efforts in the winter and spring produced little good information about the report's completion, and my last couple of requests for information went unanswered.

Meanwhile, SEWRPC continues to operate, I suppose, with some kind of continuing, de facto certification to approve federal transportation spending in the region - - even though both SEWRPC and federal highway contracting are still the subject of open discrimination complaints.

Some process.

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