Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recession Depth Is George Bush's Legacy

Along with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - - which drained the economy of capital - - permanent damage to New Orleans and eight lost years of work towards cleaner air and reduced dependence on foreign oil.

Republicans can lay it all at incumbent Obama's doorstep, but the Bush administration's failures will drive the Bush legacy into Ulysses S. Grant territory.

Rightfully - - no pun intended.


Starcire said...

I agree. When they changed the banking laws in 2001, that allowed for the housing crisis and recession. Check out an article that is posted on or to help you combat the recession.

Anon Jim said...

The sub-prime mortgage loan crisis which is a major component to our recession firmly has it's roots in the mid 90's when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were pushed to increase the percentage of sub-prime loans.

And Barnie Frank and Chris Dodd have covered those 2 institutions backsides ever since.

What specific changes to the banking laws in 2001 are you referring to?