Monday, September 7, 2009

Familiar Story: Doom And Gloom About The Zoo Interchange - - But Have You Noticed How Congested The New Marquette Interchange Remains?

More sky-is-falling data from state transportation planners, this time about the cost of delaying the reconstruction (and yes, let's widen it at the same time) of the Zoo Interchange.

But the state doesn't have the money - - $2.3 billion - - in part because it has begun flushing down the drain $1.9 billion to reconstruct - - and, yes, widen - - the I-system between Milwaukee and the Illinois state border, even though only phantom congestion there was in need of mitigation.

The same arguments were made about the dire need to repair - - and yes, then widen at the same time: why not? - - the Marquette Interchange, which I find just as congested as before, and less safe, given the traffic pouring off the High Rise bridge and a steeper entry ramp westbound on I-94.

It's such a shell game: fears are raised, money is committed, debt is increased, and the only thing certain along with new induced traffic is the need for another round of maintenance/repairs/redesign/expansion.

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