Friday, September 25, 2009

WATER Institute On Daykin's Radar As Freshwater School Site

Glad to see that the Journal Sentinel's development writer Tom Daykin is getting ready to weigh in about the near South Side as a possible location for the UWM School of Freshwater Science.

I've been writing and blogging about this for weeks, and recently, adding to the discussion the possible merger of the Freshwater School's location with UWM's new engineering school that is now ticketed for an all-wrong site at the County Grounds.

The near South side is, of course, a rougher location - - or is it more a authentic City environment - - than is the Lakefront site now occupied by the shuttered Pieces of Eight restaurant, but the Lakefront site is off the table now.

The current WATER Institute location on E. Greenfield Ave. at the Harbor is Geninely Milwaukee: an industrial, blue-collar site, but also in a changing urban environment where leveraged construction and development funding can make the newer Milwaukee even better.

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