Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Piece On Peak Oil, Energy Future

Mike Klare has been at this a long time.


Dave1 said...

Renewables just aren't scalable. Nuclear is the only serious option if you want to cut fossil fuel (coal) use significantly over the next 25 years.

Even then, our transportation sector will use a lot of oil. I just don't see battery powered planes in the future.

Dave Reid said...

@DAve1 The problem is more in how we live than the technology solution. 2500 square foot mcmansion, located on the exurban fringe use lots of energy per person.

Jim Bouman said...


The time and money it may take to design, site, build, and contract for enough fuel to last a power plant's lifetime is likely 20 years.

The likelihood of finding an enormous pool of capital willing to wait 20 years for ROI is mighty slim.

The number of skilled, experienced engineers-- considering that lots of others will be planning/building Nukes--simply isn't there. I admire the work of hands-on engineers. But, I'm wary of the generations of engineers who have for most of their lives/education engineered mostly by moving pixels around on a screen.

The price of Uranium--given current and future demand, as well as the dynamics of additional demand and diminishing supply--will make nuclear way more costly than we can imagine or afford.

And, who will we get to insure it, AIG?