Friday, September 4, 2009

Jerry Bott, Your Jewish Wisecrack Friday Afternoon Was Not Appreciated

WISN-AM radio executive Jerry Bott is filling in for Mark Belling this afternoon - - so he must figure that gives him license to morph into just another insensitive shock jock.

Case in point: as the 5:00 p.m. hour approached, Bott began chattering about the seemingly new trouble he has reading.

When did I get so old, he wondered?

He said his arms weren't long enough anymore to hold a printed page far enough away to read it.

OK, fair enough. A little self-effacing humor.

Then his producer Paul must have said into Bott's earpiece that he could get glasses and wear them on a chain.

Instead of saying, 'that's a look I wouldn't like,' Bott said, and I think I heard this correctly, though I might have missed a word or two, but not the heart of it:

"Am I an old Jewish woman?"

Bott then said all he could visualize was someone with eyeglasses on a chain asking another presumably Jewish woman, "Suki, do you want to play Mah-Jong?"

This is completely stereotypical thinking and speech aired out to tens of thousands of listeners, based on who knows what except Bott's biases.

As a Jewish person with plenty of women relatives, I can say that none of them wear eyeglasses on chains.

My mother-in-law used to: she was a Methodist.

Why in Bott's mind do older Jewish women come to mind?



Anonymous said...

his comment is perfectly in line with belling's previously calling judaism a "fringe group" and saying teaching about the holocaust in school is "politically correct." i think bott is just his radio name, shortened from "botulism."

Anonymous said...

I love how liberals can be upset about someone comparing themselves to an old jewish woman because they are wearing glasses with a string on them, but when Conservatives mention anything about Robert Byrd et al you are no where to be found. You actually have a former KKK member as the longest tenured member of your party and you ignore it as insignificant. The audacity of audacity. Suck it up hypocrites, you wanted change, we're gonna bring it to you--stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Liberals scream race or sex anytime they want to win a political argument. They do it because it works. We need to stop repsonding to any of it. NO matter how you got to this country, get down and kiss the ground in gratitude that you did.

Still, this woman has debunked two Jewish sterotypes: One that they wear glasses on chains. She says she is Jewish and does not. Two, that Jews are intelligent. She obviosly is not.