Monday, November 16, 2020

WI justices hear COVID mask case via tech masking them from COVID

Virtually indescribable irony alert:

Wisconsin's Supreme Court Justices continue to hear cases through common sense life-saving electronic technology that masks them from exposure to the pandemic.

And because all sane public officials should avoid the permanently staining, disqualifying judgment that would accompany any inclination towards intolerable, killer hypocrisy during a pandemic, the Justices' vote in the case should be 7-0 in favor of the Governor's common sense sense life saving masking order: 

Wisconsin Supreme Court to consider mask mandate challenge

Also, here more than 329,000 additional reasons the Court should affirm the Evers' masking order, as compiled by The New York Times Monday

Additionally, the State of Wisconsin's official COVID dashboard site shows that on May 13, when the State Supreme Court overturned Gov. Evers' 'Safer-at-Home' order, the COVID19 case total was 10,902 and the death count was 421. 

That COVID19 exploded statewide and has embedded itself in Wisconsin since the Court left people exposed to the virus is hardly a strong affirmation of the Court's 'no statewide pandemic rules' approach.


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Pete said...

Becky Bradley should resign citing "too dumb for the job"!!!