Friday, November 20, 2020

WI COVID deaths pass 9/11's; still no urgency from WI GOP leaders

Don't worry, Bucky - some pandemic help is coming might be coming your way.

But first can you pass the mashed potatoes and gravy over here? Daddy needs seconds.

Wisconsin's spiking COVID calamity with its unfathomable 3,021 deaths - and a current average of 56 over the last week - has now killed 25 more people than died (2,996) in the 9/11 attacks.

Yet after only their first meeting Friday on these matters since May with Gov. Evers, Assembly Speaker and leading WI GOP COVID-action obstructionist Robin Vos said the legislature might convene to take action on Evers' latest COVID proposals - and presumably some proposals which Republicans claimed without evidence to have been working on for months - in December.

Vos said the Legislature may come back in December to vote on bills.

Take a look at the number of action-free process-buzz words in just a single sentence Vos strung together which translate to 'we're going as slowly as those bureaucrats we always complain about.'

"...I see today’s conversation as a positive step forward to finding common ground in developing a more unified state response to the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

Is this just another delay of at least ten more days to accommodate Thanksgiving events and extend the Legislature's 7+month vacation? 

COVID feasts on such willing inertia, and at current rates, we'll have more than 500 more dead Wisconsinites who didn't make it to Thanksgiving and more who won't make it to Christmas dinner.

For some COVID-free context, imagine if you finally heard that your oncologists had met about your treatment plan after months of debilitating delay and the message they left you was 'today’s conversation [w]as a positive step forward to finding common ground in developing a more unified...response.'

Along with, 'we might have something more concrete for you in a couple of weeks.'

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