Thursday, November 12, 2020

In days, WI's COVID19 tally will exceed capacity of 4 Lambeau Fields

By early next week at the latest, Wisconsin's rampaging coronavirus epidemic which has broken the 300,000 case mark will surpass the seating capacities of four Lambeau Fields at 81,441 seats each. 

And will soon more than triple all the 105,413 people who live in Green Bay, having already blown past the total of Brown County's 264,000 residents some days ago - including regular and 'other' people, too - should State Supreme Court Chief Justice and Chief Judicial COVID Minimizer Patience Roggensack be interested. 

(OK, in fairness to the Chief Justice, Brown County has had only 119 reported COVID deaths and a skosh over 19,000 cases, the data show, so good news there, right?)

Yet GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the rest of the Republican-dominated State Legislature continue to ignore, obstruct and enable the out-of-control virus while remaining since April 15th in a fully-paid recess.

Does Vos know that a virus that has zoomed past 300,000 cases since March, and which adds a trending 5,000-to-6,000-to-7,000 new cases daily means that Wisconsin's total will shortly exceed the population of 30 small Wisconsin cities the size of Burlington, where Vos was raised, with its roughly 11,000 people?

Is there a mathematical or moral moment at which Republicans will begin to do their jobs?

Not if Republicans are where GOP State Sen. Duey Strobel was on Wednesday when he said that Gov. Evers's latest plea for increased personal virus prevention measures in the absence of Legislative action was "fear mongering."

I watched Evers's televised appeal and it was actually straight-forward truth-mongering.

And here's a little more basic truthiness about the virus to which GOP Legislators are applying partisan, herd stupidity:

Persistently atrocious COVID rankings that are keeping Wisconsin a national hotspot - and a death count spiraling past 2,550 created by an invisible airborne virus - just might produce a little fear in a reasonable, everyday citizen.

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