Friday, November 6, 2020

We'll see a focused, respectful Biden today. Trump? Forget it. (Him, too).

I expect to see a respectful President-elect Biden later today begin rebuilding the national psyche by honoring the pandemic's victims with heartfelt words and pledges to stem the virus.

Because Biden knows we can't keep seeing and shouldn't be asked to tolerate daily virus updates that look Friday morning's numbers:

Trump, however, will continue to see himself as the only victim that matters, blind to the fact that while he physically survived COVID-19 (if he he really ever had it), politically he did not - and there's some justice in that.

His removal from office cannot bring back the dead or remove their survivors' burdens, but at least come January the people and the economy have a fighting chance to evade the virus while recovering from four years of an infected White House and body politic.

It will be a rough winter, but healthier times are ahead

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