Sunday, November 8, 2020

So exactly which 'praise Trump' card is RoJo playing?

So why is Ron Johnson rushing to praise Donald Trump?

Is it routine flattery? Super Capitalist solidarity?

Is there another business tax break that could get inserted with Trump's lame-duck blessing in an 11th-hour financial package before Biden takes over? 

Or is Johnson now old-school enough to nail down with this cringe-worthy Valentine a coveted-by-fringe Republicans-only Trump endorsement in 2022 for whatever office Johnson will seek: 
“In the face of coordinated efforts to undermine his administration from day one, and a mainstream media that shed all pretense of fairness, President Trump has tenaciously fought to make America better - and he produced remarkable results. His unbelievably energetic reelection campaign efforts earned him 200,000 more votes in Wisconsin than in 2016 and once again made pollsters look ridiculous. Regardless of the outcome, in my book he will always be a winner and patriot that truly loves America.”

Sounds a lot like Lindsey Graham, Kellyanne Conway or Michael Cohen, circa 2015.

Or is this Johnson's early cover should he join the delegation of sorrowful Senators destined to troop down to the White House and tell Trump he's got to go, as did Barry Goldwater and other Republicans in 1974 when they told Tricky Dick Nixon that his time was up.

Ron Johnson, dramatist, strategist, both or neither?

Incidentally, Trump might have earned even more than those extra 200,000 votes RoJo referenced had the COVID-19 pandemic which Trump ignored, downplayed, golfed through and lied about not killed more than 2,100 of Wisconsin's 250,000 virus victims by election day.


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Jim Limbach said...

Neither. I suspect someone on his staff wrote the Trump love letter. I have not changed my estimation of RoJo's intelligence. He stands right behind James Inhofe on a list of Senate dim bulbs.