Tuesday, November 24, 2020

WI COVID cases up 33x since anti-Evers' ruling

Wisconsin's latest COVID19 data snapshot is an ugly one: a daily record of 104 deaths were reported Tuesday, said the state on Wednesday:

State reports record amount of new COVID-19 deaths in a single day

Other key numbers in the daily updates on the state's COVID19 dashboard; the total reported COVID death toll is 3,115 and the positive case total is 363,973

Here's another daily COVID19 data snapshot:

On May 13, the reported total state COVID death toll was 421 - far less than today's 3,115. The reported increase over the previous day's death count was 12 - not 104 - all charted, here -  and the state's reported positive COVID case total stood at 10,902 - or about 3% of today's nearly 364,000, the data show

Why look at May 13 COVID19 numbers?

Because that's the day on which a rightwing Wisconsin Supreme Court majority voted 4-3 to overturn Gov. Evers's 'Safer-at-Home' extension and restricted the administration's ability to control the pandemic, in a case brought by GOP legislative leaders Fitzgerald and Vos.

And by May 13, the GOP-run Legislature had been on fully-paid vacation  for four weeks, had not offered the COVID19 control plan of their own they were purportedly working on - and still haven't - and may finally reconvene next month. 

The Court, which continues to have a right-leaning majority, has yet to rule on whether Evers' can legally issue statewide masking orders. 

Should the ruling go against him, and that would surprise no one, then neither should fresh continuing spikes in COVID19 disease and death spread further and faster statewide with boost of permission by the Supreme Court rightwing majority which had already sold off its reputation and ripped up its moral authority. 

Ruling expected soon


Anonymous said...

The same disgusting Republican pawns might get to decide to overturn the Wisconsin election. Strangely the one pawn's comment that stay at home orders were like the Japanese internment, has turned into a internment of people in the hospital. What a moron. At least as another pawn stated, the normal folk aren't getting it. Another moron. I know a lot of normal folk who got it and some have died. Then add in that they can hear cases, without recusing, involving people who donated tons of money.
The way Covid has spread through the country is a testament to how stupid we are. Then look at Wisconsin being one of the worst disease infested s***holes in the country, which shows we have a large population of morons. It is not a shock that we have such stupid SC justices, and RoJo, and Fitzgerald, and Vos, and Tiffany, and Kapenga, and the list goes on and on. W we, I is, S stupid, C conniving, O outrageous, N narcissistic, S scandalous, I idiotic, N nincompoops

nonquixote said...

Every state Republican legislator who has argued for bars and tavern/restaurants to remain open (and Tavern League members), for failing to provide aid to "non-essential," business that was initially ordered to close, to fail to financially support workers for numerous now failed businesses, needs to take responsibility for the deaths and financial harm for their refusal to address the pandemic in any way from the start.

Close the schools but leave open bars and gyms, super-spreader venues, fail to protect through oversight foreign owned meat processing plants, so that now small family gatherings over the holidays can be blamed and shamed as spreader events, instead of focusing on the real culprits, Vos and Fitzgerald and the cowardly and self-castrated state legislative majority unwilling to challenge "leadership."

To closely paraphrase Rep John Nygren's response in the context of dealing with Covid, Monday Nov 23 (WPR morning show) "...if you think your government is going to keep you safe, you'll be very disappointed."

I tried phoning in to ask him if that applied to the Fincantieri Marinette Marine building a new class of US Navy Frigates to eventually engage in war by provocation with a nuclear power such as China.

Anonymous said...

So Thanksgiving is upon us once again and we have the choice of two nominees for "Turkey of the Year". Foxconn and Robin Vos. It's hard to choose between the two since they are both such huge disappointments despite claims to greatness.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

If the 4 RW crooks on SCOWIS overturn the mask mandate or even take the (non)-xase that Trump Trash are trying to give on disenfranchising voters in Milwaukee abd Dane Counties, there's only option that makes sense.

Time to crank up the recalls, starting with Roggen-hack and Bigoted Becky Bradley. ENOUGH