Thursday, November 26, 2020

WI COVID cases will surpass 400,000 by the weekend

11/28/20 update from 11/26/20. And it happened. Do not get used to this. This is not normal. 

There are faces, names, families, and communities - real pain and suffering - behind every number. 

This is a catastrophe enabled by a United States President, a Wisconsin Supreme Court and a GOP-leg state Legislature that has not met since mid-April. 

This is what happens when public servants fail the public. 

People die.


With Wisconsin's COVID19 case total exceeding 392,000, data show, it's likely that the tally will hit 400,000 during shopping hours on Black Friday 2020

And at current rates, the COVID19 positive case total this weekend will exceed the capacity of five Lambeau Fields at 81,000+ each, or more than 15 times the 26,000+ residents of Stevens Point.

Wisconsin began reporting COVID19 cases in mid-march; by October 27th the total stood at 206,311, data show, so reported infections have nearly doubled in just the last month.

And those numbers could easily worsen, for three reasons: 

1. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's gatherings in the next five weeks will inevitably lead to virus transmission.

2. The State Supreme Court seems likely to upend Gov. Evers' masking orders. 

3. Cold weather and flu season will create conditions in which COVID19 will thrive.

Meanwhile, 'there's reason to hope that the WI GOP-led legislature will reconvene after an eight-month+ vacation and pass its promised comprehensive package of COVID19-responsive public health and financial assistance measures,' said no one in Wisconsin.

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