Saturday, November 7, 2020

WI COVID cases on pace to more than double by year's end

Wake up, Wisconsin:

With 54 days left in the year, and daily COVID-19 cases now exceeding 6,000, we could add almost 350,000 new COVID-19 infections by year's end and more than double the already outrageously unacceptable current total of 270,000 that The New York Times has tracked here. 

Not to mention the twin danger posed by seasonal flu.

We have about 5.8 million people here, so we're talking about 620,000 people - that's more than 10% of the state's population - with or having carried the virus, 

Tell the GOP-led do-nothing Legislature to sit down with Gov. Evers right now, because the virus is coming for every ICU bed and family in Wisconsin, and the impacts on people, public health and the economy will soon be unstoppably catastrophic.

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