Friday, March 1, 2019

Vos can re-engineer Foxconn ad blitz Evers wants sidetracked

Wisconsin Republicans have a chance to help make Illinois great again.

While it's good that the Evers budget strips out funding for those ridiculous 'come to Wisconsin' promotions for WEDC work pitched to Illinois train riders.

Money, by the way, which WEDC wanted to convert from a one-time appropriation into an annual, $5 million slush fund.
In its budget request, WEDC sought to turn the one-time appropriation from lawmakers into a $5 million annual spending plan.
Though Robin Vos and his inflated band of special-interest staffers can ladle the gravy back onto Foxconn's plate because the GOP controls the budget writing committee by a Foxconn-favoring 12-4 margin.

So expect the GOP to follow Foxconn's lead, as it is again saying it intends to shower its Wisconsin subsidies and various legal and environmental favors on out-of-state workers.
Foxconn looks out-fof-state to meet hiring needs
Here is this blog's nearly-two-year-long Foxconn archive.

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