Thursday, March 14, 2019

Johnson embraces Cult of Trump instead of the Constitution

It's easy to figure out why WI GOP Sen. Ron Johnson did not join 
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
the show of independence and respect for the Constitution displayed by a dozen of his GOP Senate colleagues who voted Thursday against Trump's invocation of a national emergency to seize border wall funding which Congress had appropriated for other purposes.

For one thing, Johnson owes Trump for signing into law last year's tax cut bill which included a sweetheart corporate provision demanded by Johnson.

You scratch my back, I'll pretend I see your national emergency.

And Johnson could not criticize Trump for grabbing executive power, since that's a sin which both he and Johnson have said was the way Obama did business:

For the past eight years, Republicans skewered President Obama as an "emperor" who acted outside of his "legal authority" for the executive orders he issued from the Oval Office. Now, they are cheering President Donald Trump as he issues a raft of his own... 
Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said Obama had “exceeded his executive authority” and was acting “without legal authority" in 2014, following Obama’s immigration executive orders. 
No way Johnson remotely suggests Trump has anything in common with the previous President whom Trump continues to pretend was never President.

And do you remember a rule change to the Affordable Care Act which President Obama had imposed that so upset Johnson that he took Obama to court - - and lost?
"Obama unilaterally changed the law," Johnson said. "That's not our constitutional system." 
"Our constitutional system?" Funny to remember Johnson's invocation of the Constitution now that he's fine with Trump negating the Constitution's Article I and the powers of the purse it reserves to Congress just to salve The Dear Leader's ego.

A Johnson double-standard at work here, you ask?

Yes, and not the first: 
Johnson says the the Democratic Party chose Milwaukee [as its 2020 nominating convention site] for its "socialistic tendencies" - - but I don't recall any such negativity when Johnson's company received $4 million in low-interest lending through a government-sponsored financing program, and, separately, benefited from a $75,000 federal grant for rail line construction.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

He's compromised by the NRA-Russia laundromat. It's the biggest reason he beat Russ in 2016.

You'd also think the Chair of the HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE would say something after Trump's stochastic terror threat to activate bikers and the military to defend himself, but RoJo hasn't said a word.