Saturday, March 16, 2019

Walker tweets an unintentional, defining image

It isn't a selfie, but an empty vessel sure is worth a couple of thousands words about Scott Walker.

OK, fewer will do, so here's a start:

When Walker unveils the "exciting news" next week he's been teasing on Twitter, I suppose it will fall somewhere between the juvenilia of his Friday 'I ate-all-the-guacamole-photo' - -  
Close game forced me to eat all of the guacamole and chips.
- - and the even greater stupidity of his infamous climate change 'solution' - - 'leave your campsite cleaner than you found it' - - that looks even more vacuous in light of the hard news below which Walker's eight years of climate science obstruction had a hand in enabling:
  • Even if Paris Agreement goals met, Arctic winter temperatures will increase 3-5°C by 2050 compared to 1986-2005 levels.
  • Thawing permafrost could wake ‘sleeping giant’ of more greenhouse gases, potentially derailing global climate goals.
  • Ocean acidification and pollution also posing major threats to Arctic

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