Sunday, March 24, 2019

Well-sourced WI Legislative veto shenanigans' rumor du jour

While Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature enjoy solid majorities - - thank you, Sir Gerry Mander - - their 19-14 majority in the State Senate leaves them short of the two-thirds majority needed - - 22 - - to override a Gov. Evers' veto.
But note that two-thirds number means two-thirds of the members present, so fewer "aye" votes would be needed if some members were absent.

Suppose Senate Republicans could schedule an override vote if they knew a few members would be absent - - at a conference, or the weather kept them house-bound, or long-planned vacations could not be rebooked, or were underway.

So I heard that some Republicans in the Capitol were nosing around to see whether any Democrats might have left word here and there that they'd be out of town, and when.

My source said such unusual nosing around about vacations for partisan advantage was all about trying to plan for override votes when some Democratic Senators might be unavailable.

And before you say, 'Oh, they wouldn't go that far,' just remember that the blatantly-partisan gerrymandering legislation was drafted in secret behind law firm's closed doors and the power-grabbing lame-duck bills, like the Act 10 bombshell, had been quietly and strategically prepared by Republicans unafraid to bend the rules and break traditions.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Whoa. Thanks for the heads-up James, and yes, those GOP thugs would totally try this.

If Fitz and the Tantrums even try to make a move, it's Occupy the Capitol time. And this time, cause the mayhem and danger to GOPs that AM radio claimed we did in 2011 (but didnt do)