Friday, March 1, 2019

Walker can still bring it: Gravity-free word salad seasoned with Trump suck-up

In a world where little seems to have staying power, Rolling Stone finds that the now-always-available Scott Walker can still deliver his special blend of logic-defying wordy salad with a heaping helping of Trump suck-up - - while contributing nothing new or memorable.

Few politicians would or could string this together, beginning with an opening remark devoid of anything tangible:
“Having worked in state government, I haven’t looked into any of the nuances out there,” Walker offers when asked if he believes the president has committed impeachable offenses. “When they were grumbling about some of his comments a year-plus ago — the press conference with the leader of Russia — it seemed to be more about semantics than anything else. You may not like what was said or agree with the general perception out there, but a lot of these things seem to be more politically driven than substantive.”
And we see you forgot Putin's name and title, dude. That world stage wasn't for you in 2015 and is still definitely not your platform.

But seriously, Rolling Stone: Scott Walker, really? 

And saying "He left office in January...," suggesting he departed voluntarily, or was term-limited. How about being direct: 'He was an incumbent, defeated in an upset...' 

As a long-time Rolling Stone print subscriber, call me disappointed.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

Seriously, you don’t still subscribe to Rolling Stone, do you? I cancelled my subscription in disgust back in 2012, when their coverage of bubblegum artists like the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry and Justin Beiber became too much to bear, and have never looked back.

At least I could always count on their hard-hitting progressive politics. The article you posted just sank that, too. What a bunch of conservative-kissing dreck. As you said, “Scott Walker? Really?” They must be desperate to appeal to anybody.

On a side note, that photo they took of him makes it look like he’s gained about 20 pounds since being kicked out of office.

James Rowen said...

I keep reupping RS and Sports Illustrated when I buy magazines as part of an annual fundraiser. I still get the hard-copy Journal Sentinel. These are hard habits to break. I hope the online RS piece doesn't make the hard-copy edition. It looked like soft-feature no-prep instant filler fluff. I don't think it even mentioned that Walker was shilling every day for Trump on Twitter, let alone the Walker-for-hire speaking tour.