Sunday, March 24, 2019

Good thing Dems won the US House

Talk about elections having consequences!

Had the Democrats not won control of the House of Representatives, and the leadership on the Judiciary, Oversight, Intelligence and other key committees, Attorney General Bill Barr's weaselly letter and imperious exoneration 
William Barr.jpg
of Donald Trump would have closed off effective Congressional reviews of the Mueller probe and access to its documentation.

Barr probably thought he'd figured out a way to serve a President, but may have inspired Trump's Congressional critics to dig more deeply into records and facts whose disclosure Barr is obstructing.

Barr believes a sitting President, or at least the current one, cannot be indicted, and he got the job as Attorney General by sending Trump an unsolicited 19-page memo/job audition with that belief as its theme. 

But Barr's philosophies and supporting actions don't mean a sitting President can't be investigated - - along with a sitting Attorney General whose actions indicate he believes he's got but a single client - - the sitting President -- and not the public.

So, yes, elections have consequences.

And so do cleverly-crafted letters which undermine democracy without the blatant brutality of a John Mitchell or the poisonous partisanship of a Jeff Sessions, yet can and should deservedly bounce back on the author.

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